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Welcome to E-biz Newbie! I’m really glad you found your way here. My name is Jenny, a smart and quiet entrepreneur who, like many of you, want to build something of my own and work hard to make it happen. This website is part of that dream and today I want to share my vision with you.

Long story short

It all started a couple of years ago when I was looking for a new job. It was the last week of the year (I guess I was already thinking about my new year’s goals ?). I wanted a change in my career, so I started looking in LinkedIn.com, Indeed.com, Monster.com and all other job search engines you can think of, trying to find something interesting enough, but I didn’t find anything I like.


Designed by yanalya
Designed by yanalya from freepik.com


A couple of weeks later, I found an article about how to build a business. I thought: ”why not?”, instead of looking for a job, maybe I could build my very own business! I know. I know. This is one of these crazy ideas you get when you are having some drinks with your friends, like “let’s open a bar” or “let’s form a band”. Many of us have thought about it but never actually do it, right?

Well, after a lot of thinking (yes, I think a lot before taking a decision), I took a deep breath, click the register button and decided to learn all about how to build my own business ?, but more about this story in future posts.

I want to make it simple

My purpose with E-biz Newbie is to share the knowledge and experience I have acquired these last years and guide all of you who are looking for new ways of make some extra earnings, or you out there without a job and in need of an income, or you who are looking for a change in life and want to do what you are passionate about instead of sitting behind an office desk all day.

I want to make it simple, I want to make it easy, I want to make it possible.

Start your own business, just as I started mine. Click here to learn more.

Here at E-biz Newbie, you will find information, tips and resources that you can implement to build and grow your online business.

I will share my own opinion about products and services related to affiliate marketing, online business and mental health (because it is important to take care of yourself!).

My rating scale

I will use my own rating scale in my reviews:

Icons from freepik.com

You are not alone!

If you have a question or would like me to add something to this site, please feel free to contact me at any time. If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find it and share it with you.

I invite you to join me in this new adventure and grow together. Leave me a comment below or get in touch with me via the contact page.

Oh! and remember to subscribe to my mailing list here, so you don’t miss the latest updates and useful tips to grow your business.

My best wishes to you and your new online business!



12 Responses

  1. What a great site,

    Where to you get this clear images do you buy them or they are just free??

    I also like your icons.

    Personally I am in that level where you were sometimes ago where I am still trying to create a website so that I can try and market some products there, sometime I do get challenged by some steps and currently I am unable to apply a successful affiliate links to my products, hope by following your site I have learnt alot.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Matthew, thanks! I use pictures from Freepik.com and unsplash.com. They both have HD photos you can use for free, just check how you need to give credit to each photo you use.

      Affiliate marketing can be challenging sometimes but not that difficult to learn how to apply it. I can help you with any questions you have, just send me a message to jenny@ebiznewbie.com and sign up to mailing list to get latest updates. ?

  2. Hi Jenny,good work with this article here.I liked it because:

    great rating icons,very original

    excellent theme choice for the site,simple but good looking

    I totally relate to your view on either finding the right job or getting a business going.I personally prefer the second option.So much freedom being self employed!!

    Anyway,really good work here Jenny with this article,well done !!

    1. Thank you Billy! Really wanted to do something different regarding the rating scale. It is usually 5 stars, but I wanted to really put my own personality to it.

      Yes, definitely being your own boss is something you will appreciate more because you work hard to build a better future for you and the people you love. While working for someone else can sometimes makes you forget what are the priorities in your life, right?

  3. Very interesting story so far Jenny. We all want to be entrepreneurs and achieving that goal is not easy at all. I must say that I like your icons when it comes to rating. I can’w wait to see more of your articles, especially product reviews related to affiliate marketing because I was scammed so many times.

  4. I absolutely love your rating scale, the icons are awesome! Did you create them yourself using something like Canva?!?!

    Out of curiosity how did you land on selecting Affiliate Marketing as opposed to starting your own business from scratch and selling your own product? I have a few ideas for a product, but I’ve been debating between that and affiliate marketing and I’m not really sure which way to choose…

    1. Hi Craig, thank you for your comment! The icons are from freepik.com, they have lot’s of free pictures and vectors you can use.

      To answer your question… I actually have another website where I sell my handmade products, mainly crochet accessories and fabric dolls. I also use affiliate marketing in that website and because of that I started with ebiznewbie.com, to share what I’ve learned with my other online business.

      You can do both, sell your own products and incorporate a blog around your niche where you can use affiliate marketing to get some extra earnings.

      Feel free to contact me at any time if you have more questions ? jenny@ebiznewbie.com

  5. This looks and sounds like a wonderful website. I truly believe, me and of course my online business, can benefit greatly from your tips and tricks. I too was looking for a change, I am very new to online marketing and still have lots to learn but I have made it this far haha I will definitely add your site to my regimen to help me learn and expand. Thank you!

    1. Hi Alisha! It is great that you have started with online marketing, any question or help needed, feel free to contact me at jenny@ebiznewbie.com and subscribe to my mailing list here so you get the latest updates first hand.
      Good luck with your new business!!

  6. Love your rating scale and cute icons for each category! What a great mission you have here. I love how the internet provides so much opportunity for people like you and I to help others from around the world with things that we are passionate about! It’s certainly a great adventure. Best of luck as you continue. I will be checking out some more of your articles.

    1. Thank you! Internet offers so many opportunities to reach people all around the World and share your experience, successes and failures so others can learn from these. Your are more than welcome to come back and make sure subscribe to my newsletter here. ?

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